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Entering Thunderbirds Territory

Indoor practices are over for the year. Bring on Tournament Season!

Tournament Schedules / Practices:
For our Little League-age teams, most practice will now be with your Little League teams, but your Tbirds coaches will be in touch about any Tbirds practices. Tournament schedules are posted about two weeks ahead of time on the CABA Website (our division is AA, AA Silver, or the last division listed for the age group if using Major League names); your team coach will generally send these out, but you can use this link or send to family members who want to tune in. 

Replacement Uniforms:

We don't expect a perfect fit with uniforms and hats, but if you or your player's uniform doesn't fit to the point that you need a replacement, contact Adam with what you need and what size you would like. We have a few backup uniforms and hats that we can lend out for individual tournaments, but we would prefer to get everyone gear that fits. Since some of the sizes from Boombah seemed a little off, we will see if they will give us any free or discounted replacements, but families may need to pay for replacements (about $45 for uniforms and hoodies and $30 for hats).

Cheering Section and Game Changer:
Please plan to attend your player's games whenever possible! It's a huge boost to our players and teams to have a big cheering section, and it's fun! If there are games you can't attend, or if you have family members outside the area who want to watch, we use the GameChanger app to score our games and also to stream the games live. This does require parent volunteers to do the scoring (we'll teach you!) and to use someone's smartphone for the video feed, but it was great to have a lot of Tbirds fans watching from afar this weekend! Please talk to your team coach if you're able to help. Each team will have a kit to hook up the phone to the backstop and a battery pack. If you or your family/friends want to tune in, here's what to do:
1. Download the GameChanger app.
2. Search for your team (Thunderbirds 9U, 10U, 11U, etc)
3. Tap "Join Team" and select "I'm a Family Member," which will generate a message the coaches can then approve.
4. Once approved, you'll be able to stream games live on the smartphone/iPad app or at

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About Boulder Thunderbirds

“Baseball is ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.” – Yogi Berra


Boulder Thunderbirds Baseball is a competitive 9U-14U youth baseball tournament club based in Boulder, Colorado. The Thunderbirds were founded in 2016 and are a 501(c)(3) non-profit, independent sister organization to South Boulder Little League. Our goal as an organization is to allow our players to grow their skills and love of the game so they will be able to play as long as their ability will take them. Our coaches do this by fostering a fun, low-stress environment focused on team building on and off the field, encouraging sportsmanship, confidence, and character building.


Thunderbird baseball is designed to be a complement to the Little League experience and the 9U-12U levels, to get our players experience playing with great teammates against great competition so that they will be prepared to make and succeed on their Little League All-Star teams. The great majority of our players are able to achieve this goal. At the 13U-14U levels, our goal is to help our players successfully navigate the transition from Little League to high school baseball.

Our coaching philosophy is a whole child approach. We want athletes who enjoy playing multiple sports, engage in other non-sport activities, and have a passion for baseball. All of our players train and experience gameplay at multiple positions through our developmental approach. Everyone plays and contributes, because nobody gets better on the bench.

The Thunderbird is a symbol of strength, protection, and caring. That coincides well with our main team goals. We strive to build teams that love spending time together on and off the field, made up of players who show great sportsmanship and support for their teammates. As coaches, we support players in their athletic goals, while also providing a safe place for them to build character and self-esteem. We strive to be effective at supporting families in the many challenges young people are dealing with every day.

By meeting these goals, we build winning teams of players who are able to build their skills and self-confidence as players in a supportive environment. We avoid burnout and create players who will love playing baseball as long as their ability will carry them.

Contact Us

Email us questions, fill out the form below regarding inquiries, or swing by our next game to check us out!  We're also active on Facebook.

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